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Arcoi has obtained experience over the years to fabric suitable washing systems for every client needs.


ARCOI has designed one of the most versatile Rotating Head on the market

Our Compact System MONOBLOCK

The MONOBLOCK system has been developed by ARCOI for low space or provisional internal tank cleaning systems.




Explanatory video of all the equipment that compose our washing stations

Download our catalog to see all the washing systems we offer

Overmarmed water

Over warmed  water system is indicated to treat animal fats, fatty acids, lipids, etc …

Rotating Heads

The existence of this head for 22 years now shows its high quality. We actually manufacture two models of our rotary heads.

Interior Drying

Our drying system ensures an immediate evaporation of the remaining moisture inside the tank after the tank washing.


Arcoi offers a Cogeneration System for installations which use generators for their energy supply.

We can face all kinds of projects according to your needs